Monday, April 4, 2011

Marco Benevento 4.8.11

For an exhilarating glimpse into the future of rock piano, look no further than 33-year old Brooklyn-based artist Marco Benevento. A melodically inventive musical adventurer who artfully employs pedals, amplifiers, circuit-bent toys and sundry effects around his acoustic piano set-up, Benevento has forged a fascinating repertoire of songs, including both wildly original compositions and renditions of those by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd and Beck.

Benevento first came to national attention with the experimental electric rock influenced Benevento-Russo Duo for which he partnered with drummer John Russo. Together they brought a bracing jolt of improvisation into settings like Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock and Bonnaroo. On his own Benevento has collaborated with the likes of Mark Eitzel, Matt Chamberlain and Trey Anastasio, while also holding down keys in the bands Garage A Trois and Surprise Me Mr. Davis. Currently Benevento’s primary focus is with his own trio and in the solo piano setting. His latest album Between The Needles & Nightfall is a gorgeously textured effort that’s steeped in explosive piano rock and edgy art jazz.

"Benevento jams with a concentration on the textures and colors available in his keyboards and arsenal of manipulated pedals and effects. Between the Needles and Nightfall (Royal Potato Family), his latest release, is deceptively rich -- catchy melodies and straight-ahead grooves that expand with subtle mounting gestures." - Rolling Stone

Yellowbirds is the moniker for the alter ego of Sam Cohen—guitarist/songwriter/vocalist in the psychedelic collective Apollo Sunshine. Cohen grew up in Houston, and while the Texas of his teens may have been home to Big Oil, Enron, the Bush family, and the drab grey Astros jerseys of the 90s, he prefers to think of it as the Texas of yore- home to Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, the Space Program, and rainbow orange Astros jerseys. It stands to reason, then, that his current home of New York City must be the mythical Empire City: Rocky Mountains of architecture, epicenter of modern art, home to Charles Mingus and The Velvet Underground. It was with these timeless inspirations in mind that Cohen created Yellowbirds' 'The Color,' his "solo" debut.

See them both @ Bridge Street Live - This Friday, April 8th @ 8pm

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