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Just Announced @ BSL - 8.17.11

::Just Announced::

Carbon Leaf

Friday November 18, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

“Some call Carbon Leaf's music Southern, others label it Celtic and still others say it leans toward bluegrass or some combination of formats. No matter what your take on the band's sound, almost everyone can agree that Carbon Leaf creates music that just isn't heard anywhere else--and that's what keeps fans clamoring for more music. ” — Nancy Dunham,
“Carbon Leaf is a sound to which all folk rock musicians should aspire. ” — Blurt Magazine /
As Carbon Leaf approaches their 20th year of award-winning recording and touring, the band enters 2011 with more creative designs to independently produce a steady stream of new music.
With nine albums under their belt, Carbon Leaf will release a live CD and DVD in early 2011, a full length CD slated for the fall, and multiple songs and EPs throughout the year.
The Richmond, Virginia-based group began as an independent band in 1992, then signed on with Vanguard Re- cords for a three-album stint in 2004. Along the way, Carbon Leaf scored hit singles at both AAA and Hot AC Radio with "Life Less Ordinary" and "The Boxer," placed first in the International Songwriting Competition, won an American Music Award, and recorded the music for Universal's Curious George II soundtrack in 2010.
In 2010, the band left Vanguard and has since resumed an aggressive schedule of releasing new music on their own, the latest of which is the band's wonderfully received holiday 'concept' album, Christmas Child. As Singer and Lyricist Barry Privett has noted, "Our core fans, who have sustained us through all these years, want new music! For us, the future has us writing and recording as fiercely as will allow for a touring band."
And Carbon Leaf will continue to tour extensively throughout North America, performing over 125 live shows this year, appearing as a headliner for theater and club gigs, playing numerous festivals, and continuing their series of intimate acoustic shows for up-close-and-personal interaction with their fans. Clearly, Carbon Leaf's unique blend of Folk-Rock, Americana, Celtic, Bluegrass, Rock and Pop lends itself to a variety of live formats, which keeps fans clamoring for more.
As Carbon Leaf looks ahead to an ever-evolving landscape, the future looks bright--new recordings and more touring, with an eye always aimed towards exploring new opportunities.
Of course, this all begins with a basic premise. As Privett sums up: "We want to put out music we enjoy. We like to write songs and record them in the studio. And then once we've finished the whole song, take it out live."

Dave Reilly's Stand-Up Comedy Adventure!

Thursday November 3, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

As seen on MTV and Fox, recently back from Las Vegas!
A little bit of Broadway, a touch of Vegas and a dash of improvisation. Not too dirty yet not too clean. “Who the hell is Dave Reilly?”… Dave Reilly is the fastest rising star in the comedy world and he has been compared to the comedic styling of Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, and Lenny Bruce by many of his comedy fans. Dave’s original interpretation of some classic gender differences combined with his character acting has audiences literally falling out of their chairs in laughter.
His brand of humor targets audiences from 21 to 60 and the biggest complaint after the show is, “My face hurts from laughing!” This 2+ hour show is unlike anything you have ever experienced. We guarantee that this is the funniest show you have ever seen.

Show Biz Kids - Steely Dan Tribute

Saturday December 10, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

Show Biz Kids are committed to creating a faithful, live performance reproduction of one of Americas most sophisticated and durable musical icons: Steely Dan. The band consists of experienced studio and live performance musicians, seasoned veterans of the show biz scene.
Don't miss their third appearance at Bridge Street Live!

Don Ross + Brooke Miller w/ JUST ADDED special guest String Theorie

Thursday October 6, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

Don Ross has emerged as one of the most respected musicians in Canada and one of the top guitarists in the world. In September 1996, he managed to do what no other player has done: win the prestigious U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship for the second time (he first won in 1988). The competition, held yearly in Winfield, Kansas, cannot be won only with immaculate technique, but the player's music must also display a high degree of emotion and intensity — hallmarks of Don's style.
The son of a Scottish immigrant father and a Mi'kmaq aboriginal mother, Don was born in Montreal in 1960 into a musical family. He first started experimenting with the solo possibilities of the acoustic guitar at the age of eight. By age ten he was playing in alternate tunings and exploring "fingerstyle" technique, a right hand discipline similar to classical guitar playing. Preferring to write original music and develop a personal style, Don's self-taught journey on the instrument has encouraged him to follow his musical intuition. The result is an unclassifiable musical style that borrows from jazz, folk, rock and classical music. When asked, Don usually pigeonholes his music as "Heavy Wood"!
Born & raised on Prince Edward Island, Brooke Miller's career began in a loud punk band as the lead guitarist & vocalist at 12 yrs old. Later connecting with music from the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Rickie Lee Jones, The Police and Joni Mitchell, then flourished into a road warrior style take over through out Canada, US & Europe.
"Listeners to its songs will be reminded of such understated singers as Shawn Colvin and Mary-Chapin Carpenter. Like them, Miller's vocals serve the melody and the lyrics with a modesty that lets them shine. But don't underestimate her voice. When Miller sings, it has the same effect as someone looking you straight in the eye. You believe her." -Jim Farber, NY Daily News

String Theorie is an Instrumental World Fusion band from Central Connecticut that brings together fingerstyle acoustic guitar, extended modern bass technique, and a wide variety of world percussion instruments to forge a sound that can't really be described in words.
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