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::Just Announced::

::Just Announced::

Liam Ó Maonlaí

Wednesday, July 13th @ 8:00 PM

Bono once described Liam as‘The Best white boy soul singer in the world’ and he has been also been described as one of Irelands best Sean Nos (traditional Irish) singers. In 1981 he won the all Ireland final as bódhran player under 18. He has been a finalist on the tin whistle, piano and as a singer many years over. In Ennis in 1985 he and Fiachna Ó Braonain ,with the enchanting presence of Maria Doyle Kennedy won a music award called Gradam Shlogadh. They had put together a rhythm and blues group with all songs written in Irish. This was the seed beginning of Hothouse Flowers, which went on to be one of Ireland’s most successful rock bands and released seven albums. All through the Hothouse Flowers years, Liam remained faithful to his traditional roots. 'Traditional music does not belong to me. I belong to it. The same as the land.'

Born in 1964, Dublin Ireland Liam is one of Ireland’s best-loved musicians and singers, both in rock and traditional music. Spanning over twenty years Liam’s career has seen him have number one hits in over twenty countries, to playing with Aboriginal musicians in Australia outback and recording with some of the worlds best musicians including Carlos Nunes, Donal Luney, U2, Rolf Harris, Van Morrison to name but a few. A master pianist, Liam also performs on guitar, harp, tin whistle and bodhrán.

Tickets - $15, $25


An Evening with Sean Chambers & Lubriphonic

Wednesday, July 20th @ 8:00 PM

With this new release under his belt, and a new fire in his belly, Chambers and his band are preparing to get back out on the road to continue where they left off almost six years ago! Sean’s regular touring band consists of longtime bassist Tim Blair and drummer Paul Broderick, who were also members of Hubert Sumlin’s touring band. If you like your blues blazin hot, this trio will definitely light your fire!

Digging deep and giving it all in everything they do Chicago’s Lubriphonic specialize in a unique offering of funky rock n’ roll. The septet’s tight and raw sound is immediately familiar, fusing the roots of soul with explosive in-your-face delivery and sensuous R&B dance music.

Lubriphonic began with a residency at the legendary "Checkerboard Lounge". Their day gigs had been touring with Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush & other bands but they had ideas to create something new. They moved their residency to aliveone on the north side in 2006 and continued to write and perform on Thursday nights when all of them were off the road. Since 2008 the band has been playing shows across the country. They have released four studio cd's & numerous live shows.

Tickets - $12, $22


An Evening of Low Rock w/ You Scream I Scream & Bipolar Jukebox

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

You Scream I Scream, based on Nantucket and in New York City, is at its core a three-piece band with distorted bass guitar and vocals, Rhodes and synth, along with floor tom-driven drums and big cymbals. The music’s unique fingerprint is part Talking Heads in its beats and the lyrics’ sometimes dark playfulness, and Floyd Kellogg’s vocal stylings--baritone singing and yelling contrasted with “bitchy girl” backing vocals--and stripped-down instrumentation can be reminiscent of Morphine or Soul Coughing. “Bug in a Light,” the band’s debut album, led to several catchy music videos, landing spots on MuchMusic’s "The Wedge,” MTV, New York Noise and YSIS has recorded material for an EP as well as their second full-length album, to be released later in 2011.

Tickets - $15


4TH Time Around

Friday August 12th, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

If you missed the 4TH Time Around in May, this next date is your chance to experience a great night of dancing fun. Those who did attend in May will surely want to return as they danced all night. From the first song to the last encore, they were screaming for more.

It wasn't just the crowd who had a great time. The band members, Keith Riendeau, John Jarsbek, Rob Brainard and Doug Morneault expressed that playing for such an electrifying and energetic group of people fuels their passion for the music they play. This makes for a memorable night for the band as well.

Their blend of 50's-80's music, with tight vocal harmonies, whether fast or slow, will surely bring you to the dance floor.

Bridge Street Live's Nightclub Atmosphere, couple with a perfect sound system, will provide for an exceptional dancing and listening experience for all. YOU GOTTA BE THERE!!!

Tickets - $12, $22



Saturday August 13th, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

Joe Patrina formed LittleHouse in 2008. Since then, the group has amassed a loyal following. The music always draws from various original American styles: country, rockabilly, rock, spiritual, folk and blues. It’s the music we have all listened to over a lifetime. As Joe describes it, “LittleHouse is a song-lovers band, with strong vocals and clear lyrics that are meaningful to adults of all ages. I call the blending of styles ‘Heartland Music.’”

“A night out listening to the original music of LittleHouse is an intimate experience,” says singer/songwriter Joe Patrina. Join us for this wonderful evening of music with LittleHouse at Bridge Street Live!

Tickets - $20, $30


The High Sea's Headliners

Saturday September 17, 2011 @ 8:00 PM

...A night of great stand up Comedy and Magic from two of the top cruise ship Guest Entertainers performing today. Tom Briscoe & Bob Brizendine.

According to his numerous ex-bosses, co-workers, family and friends Comedian Tom has finally figured out that Stand Up Comedy is the only sustainable marketable skill he has. Ridiculously numerous false starts in other careers – from billboard painter to national sales trainer to beer truck driver – along with living in a house with his wife of over twenty years and their two daughters have all provided the comedic fodder for his flourishing comedy career and his appropriately named One Man Show: …SO I GOT FIRED FROM THAT JOB.

When not performing at one of his hometown NY regular venues or at any one of the premiere Comedy Clubs throughout the United States and Canada, he can be found Headlining shows on Cruise Ships from Alaska to Australia, Tahiti to Tierra Del Fuego. He’s travelled to all 7 continents and over 80 different countries by bringing the funny to diverse audiences on all the major cruise lines.

He can be heard on XM Radio, seen on The Comedy Channel in Canada and regularly performs at world famous Las Vegas & Atlantic City venues including The Borgata, The Tropicana and The Riviera. The Tom Briscoe Comedy Show is hilarious. Enjoy clean, original Stand Up Comedy from one of the best.

The Magic Kat Himself Bob Brizendine is not your typical Magic act. Bob Brizendine takes comedy, magic, and pure insanity, mixes them together to make a show that is guaranteed to please any crowd. Bob has used his quick wit, and expertise in sleight of hand to entertain audiences around the world for over 15 years. Bob 's distinctive style, high energy, and interaction with the members of his audience, will leave you gasping for air between laughs and still wanting more.

Tickets - $20, $30

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