Monday, June 20, 2011

Rock Star Comic: Dustin Chafin

Dustin set foot in the boxing ring at the young age of five.
Full of fight and fury, he quickly won golden gloves. As a
young man, Dustin’s path took a turn towards the
spiritual, and led him to the mountains of Chile where he
worked as a missionary for many years. After developing
a love and deep appreciation for people and their
experiences, Dustin followed his calling from the Chilean
forests to the tall buildings and crazy streets of New York
City. There he found his true passion, culminating his
experience of peoples and their voices and the fight of
the ring: stand-up.

Dustin is here This Thursday, June 23rd w/ Nate Bergatze. Another comic who's unique brand of comedy is quickly turning heads. This is going to be a very very funny show, check out tickets here!

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